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Between 10 and 5 Creative Showcase ( Lost in Seoul: 11 May 2017

Lost Seoul: SA illustrator Louis Barnard draws his new home in South Korea

May 10, 2017

Extract:  "Cape Town-born, South Korea-based illustrator Louis Barnard draws detailed urban landscape scenes of his adopted city Seoul. His carefully composed illustrations convey the dynamic atmosphere of public spaces.

Shops, alleyways, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, electric cables swaying across the streets, bright neon signs and characters on the street are regularly replicated. “Initially, when I arrived in Korea, I felt incredibly intimidated by the bric-a-brac alleyways filled with clutter, the endless wires, cables, and coils swaying across the streets, and the large, unfamiliar signs, the quirky buildings. "

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Seoul Magazine, Seoul Sketches: A monthly column for Seoul Selection’s print magazine, written and illustrated by Louis Barnard. May 2016 - Present  

Expast Buzz: Tradition

March 02, 2017

Written and Illustrated by Louis Barnard.

Extract: "-Seoul is undoubtedly a modern city. Its infrasctucture keeps expanding as Korean innovators seek ways to direct the city toward becoming the leading technological bub of Asia. Yet, amids this strive for progress and development, Seoul clings to its traditions."

Expat Buzz: The Walls

April 02, 2017

Written and Illustrated by Louis Barnard.

Extract: "-the Great East Gate of the Ancient Seoul fortress- you can find some of the most innovative architerctural structures of Korea. Modern, slick buildings such as Dongdaemun Design Plaza..."

Expat Buzz: Shoppers

May 24, 2017

Written and Illustrated by Louis Barnard.

Extract: "-Early spring in Bukchon, Seoul. It's late Friday afternoon. Shoppers gather in droves and meander through the toy town alleyways..."

Expat Buzz: Heading to the Hagwon

June 02, 2017

 Written and Illustrated by Louis Barnard.

Extract: "It.s 5pm on a Friday afternoon in Samcheong-dong. A group of tired and weary school boys gather at a patbingsu cafe in their frazzled brown uniforms to share a dessert. When a large bowl of shaved ice mixed with fruit, ice cream, chocolate and red beans arrive, moods are lifted... "

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